Dryer Vent Cleaning

Prevent Home Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Assoc., washer and dryer fires are the leading cause of home fires and the major cause of dryer fires is failure to clean them! In 2010, more than 16,000 dryer fires caused over 50 deaths and over $200 million in direct property damage in the US.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

When a dryer vent becomes clogged with lint, it is inefficient, resulting in longer drying times, increased utility bills, and increased danger of fire. Lint is combustible, and when dryers can’t expel hot air and lint efficiently, dryer damage and fire can occur. Most dryer damage and fires could be prevented with simple, proper vent maintenance. A professional cleaning from Air Quality Services will not only improve the efficiency of your dryer, thereby reducing your utility bill, but will also drastically reduce the risk of dryer damage and fire.

Don’t delay! Prolong the life of your dryer, lower your utility bills, and help keep your family and home safe and sound.

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